The best climbers of our country were chosen in Lithuanian bouldering championship

On a summery Saturday the best climbers of Lithuania and neighbouring countries gathered  in the biggest climbing gym in the Baltics – Climbing center “Sleeping Elephants”. Lithuanian bouldering championship (LBC) was organised for the first time in our country’s history.

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The strongest climbers in our country – climbers from seaport

In the most important climbing event of the year after a hard fight in a new format competition, which is based on the system of International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC), Anastasija Teriochina and Vilimantas Petrašiūnas, climbers from Klaipėda “Scala dream” climbing gym, were declared winners. Both climbers performed very well in qualification and semifinal when they conquered one hundred other climbers from various Lithuanian cities. In the finals they demonstrated endurance, strenght and creativity and looked for a way to successfully climb the routes, which is also known as problems solving in climbers world.

Foreign athletes raise the bar

Lithuanian climbers had a lot of difficulties from guests from abroad: Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. After finals, when results were counted in common standings, the best were climbers from Latvia Rolands Rugens and Santa Grigorjeva. New champion Vilimantas Petrašiūnas and Belarus climber Olga Rak placed second. Kipras Baltrūnas and Diana Lotina, a tandem of Lithuanian and Latvian climbers, got bronze medals.

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The newest climbing challenge is already waiting in May in an international competition in Klaipėda, “Scala dream” climbing gym. Sportsmen and amateurs are going to be ranked separately, so everyone can participate.

Moments from championship in a short video